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About Us

Since 2007 Safe Search has been filtering adult websites from kids search results. Safe Search screens for sites that contain explicit adult content and deletes them from the results page. We recommend Safe Search for schools, and home to help protect children from explicit adult material.

How does it work? All searches done within our website are automatically checked by our blacklist database. If a keyword or phrase matches anything in our blacklist database, then Safe Search will return no results. If for any reason our database misses any adult related searches, then Google SafeSearch technology activates and blocks anything that could be harmful to children.

No adult filter can be 100% perfect, but Safe Search does a very good job at blocking illicit material. Should any websites appear in our search results that deem to be offensive, please report them to the official Google SafeSearch report page found here. You would need to have a Google Account and logged in before you can submit the website. Signup is Free with Google.

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